Avoiding Common Cam Site Mistakes the First Time

“Don’t make any rookie mistake”

Finding a good cam site is about a lot more than just comparing reviews and reading all of the MILF cam site guides you can find. It also about doing what to expect, and had deal with it. Most of us, it was more or less a trial by fire. Trying things out, making mistakes, and generally spending way more money than anyone should seem like just another part of learning about this sort of thing. Learn how to use cam sites here: milfcamreviews.com/tactics/. This is where you will find the best cam advice around internet. Just because we had to learn that way, does not mean you should be doomed to the same. Instead, take advantage of our experience and know what we regretted before you do too.

Not Having Tips on Hand When You Find Someone You Like

“You like her performance? – Tip her”

Never, ever sit on a tipping site without having tips on hand. Even if it is just a dollar or two in your account, it is better to have something than nothing. Having anything at all shows the performer you either already purchased something and have something on your account leftover, or that you were at least interested in setting something up in the first place and certainly intend to spend money here. Of course, whether or not any of that is actually intended is ultimately up to you. However, if you can appear as though you are either intending to purchase something or have already done so, she is going to be much more inclined to interact with you than if you hadn’t a cent to your name. Most of the time, sites give their models access to this kind of information on their viewers so they know who to cater to. Something, in this case, is always better than nothing.

Buying Too Much from the Very Beginning

Of course, the opposite of that, and just as frustrated, is jumping in both feet first and buying up a large group of credits you probably aren’t going to use immediately. What’s the big deal, though? Don’t most cam site guides tell you grab something right away so you can spend it on a MILF that catches your eye and know if this whole thing was really worth it or not? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, having some money on hand to be able to tip the performers into customizing something to your preferences is always a good idea, especially if you are new to cam sites in general and want to get a better feel for what is going on.

On the other hand, however, there is such a thing as buying too much. This is true especially if you are new. The fact of the matter is that you just don’t know if you are going to stick around on this site or not. No matter how enamored you might be in the moment, try to spend less than you really want to. If, after a week or so, you login and want to buy up more credits, great! You haven’t missed anything and managed to find the perfect site for you on the first try. If, however, you like the idea of cam sites but quickly find a reason to move your search elsewhere, it’s easier to do this if you don’t feel like you have to go back and spend the amount you actually purchased.

Not Making a Free Account

“Go ahead, make a free account”

This might sound silly to newcomers, but hear us out on this one. We get that most websites that tell you about making a free account do it for the sake of cajoling you into upgrading to something more expensive. That’s not what we’re suggesting here (unless, you know, you actually like the site and think the money is worthwhile, in which case, go for it). What we are talking about when it comes to making a free account is exactly that: just going in with something that lets you keep track of things like favorite cam girls, how much time you spent somewhere and other similar things. It can often result in recommendations to other girls’ streams, or discount offers to get you finally buy in, and the like.

Not having a free account basically just hobbles your enjoyment of the website and all it has to offer. Instead, you should be accenting everything you can and enjoying it to its fullest. This is especially important if you have taken any precautions that include no longer allowing your browser to keep track of where you have been and what you have done, as normally this information would be lost to you once the session was over. If you log in, however, you will be able to keep all of this sort of information away from prying eyes and yet still convenient to you.

Forgetting Who They Watched

“Did you forget her name?”

This one is far more common than you might think and believe us when we say it just really sucks. There is no real way to get around it once it has happened, either. Instead, your best bet is preventing it from happening in the first place. Never assume you are going to remember anything from any of your sessions, no matter how mind blowing or otherwise memorable it may have been. The next day, your mind will have filtered that information out and you will forever wondering which model it was that put on such a great show the night before.

Right her name down. Type it up somewhere. Email yourself the link to her stream. Do something other than just sitting there telling yourself you’ll come back tomorrow. Trust us, you are going to wake up tomorrow and there won’t be any recollection of what her damn name was and it will drive you crazy trying to remember. Don’t drive yourself crazy – get that information on paper or digitally stored somewhere and don’t let yourself regret forgetting her name later on.

Not Requesting a Private Showing Even Though They Wanted To

“She wants to perform for you – ask for it”

Finally, one of the greatest regrets you will ever read about in a MILF cam site guide, is not getting up the nerve or funds to ask for a private session. We know it scared the crap out of us the first time we did it, but that was because we were treating it a lot like a hookup instead of a purchase. What you are really doing is purchasing her time, and believe us it’s never cheap. However, it can absolutely be worth the price if you want a specific fetish done a certain way, or just want her attention on you and what you want the entire time. Just remember this is nothing like hooking up with someone in person and there is no pressure on you for anything other than transferring the money over to her. In the end, it’s really up to you, and not everyone always wants a private session. However, even though we don’t always go for them, we really regretted not asking the first time we founded someone we like. You should never expect your cam girl is going to stick around forever. Always get whatever performance or session out of her that you want as quickly as you can: you never know when she is going to move on from this gig.

How to Use Your Internet Addiction to Impress Girls

“Narrow down your search”

“There is someone out there for everyone” is more than just something people say to make us feel better: it’s a statistical reality. In fact, most of the time, there is more than one person to boot. That means whether spend your time online looking for information about sex dating or getting the scoop on the latest unbelievable hoax, chances are there is someone who would actually find something about those activities interesting. Whether or not you can actually find that person, of course, depends on where you look. A little bit of ingenuity and good old trial and error, and pretty soon it can be less of a numbers game and more of a calculated chance. The number’s game rule applies to hookups as well. Learn how to make online hookups, a calculated chance, by visiting this site: datinghookupsguide.co.uk/dating-tactics/. Find sex online and improve your odds in this game of online dating.

Narrowing Your Field of Interest

“Strike up a real conversation by finding a topic of her interest”

Step one is simply narrowing the scope of your internet surfing ways. The biggest problem most of us have when it comes to getting away from the internet for a short while is that we generally cycle through a few different, constantly prating pages about completely different things. Maybe one is about cars, another our favourite historical figures, and the other just an endless stream of cats. Who knows? Everyone has their quirks. The fact of the matter is, however, that this breadth of topics is exactly what keeps us from being able to strike up a real conversation or even pull ourselves away from the computer long enough to actually get anywhere to try talking to anyone at all. That is why, above all else, the first thing you really need to do is narrow down your topics.

Which one do you choose? Well, as much as cats typically are appealing to most women in Britain, we suggest something that actually has some depth to it. Even if it is just layers of little known facts, it will still end up more interactive than something that requires you to actually show her what you are talking about. The idea of narrowing down your field of topics has more to do with consolidating your attention than anything else. Really liking random bits of esoteric information is not actually a turn off for most women. In fact, showing a little bit of a bookworm nature has its merits, but you won’t be able to do that unless you can actually hold a conversation on the topic. That means staying a little longer and forgoing stuffing your head with other things in the meantime.

Writing down Interesting Facts

“Jot down interesting facts that you encounter on internet and brag to her about it”

You had cheat sheets in school: there is no reason for things to change now. Although, actually, this has a lot less to do with bringing your notes with you and everything to do with memorizing them in the first place. Hopefully, that was useful when you add grades to make as well. If not, well, writing things down is the studying trick they should have told you about in primary school. Either way, start writing down the titbits of information that strike you as particularly worthwhile as you go along. We’re thinking something a bit more shareable than information about sex dating, of course. Try to stick with things you could possibly discuss when eating as well. From our experience, women do not take too kindly to being grossed out while munching on something, be it a snack or a complete meal. And anyway, you really don’t want to be known as that gross guy. That bloke that seems to know a lot about sixteenth century architecture or what have you sounds a lot more interesting to most people.

By the time you are done going through your (slightly truncated) usual rounds, there is a pretty good chance you have quite a list on your hands. While the first pass of notes should have provided you with all the relevant information on everything that seemed worthwhile, the next should cut your haul down to about half and reduce the explanation to one sentence if at all possible. Whatever it happens to be, these are the bits of information worth going over a few times, and, since you are actually interested in them and remembering them, it will all stick a hell of a lot easier than blind memorization ever did for the rest of your exams. Still, throwing this information into your phone, or writing it up again on a clean piece of paper is not a bad idea if you just plain have a bad memory. Checking your phone a few times when you are out and about isn’t exactly strange, after all, and if you can’t get away with that, there’s always ducking into the loo.

Staying on Top of World News

“Keep yourself up to date with latest News”

If you can’t decide on a particular brand of information to brush up on, stick with something most people are going to have at least a passing understanding of such as the latest world crisis or big event. You can even go for something only relevant in Britain if you want, although we have found that you typically end up in the realm of politics when it comes to that and that really is not a place to start conversations with people you just met. Going for something outside of the country offers ways of staying more neutral and coming off more academically interested and well informed than particularly opinionated. The later will usually get you ignored, while the former gives you a more highbrow appeal. It is also something generally relevant to people of all social classes, so you do not have to change up your habits if you find out you are going to be somewhere else for the evening. Just get in the habit of loading up a few news sources of your choice, or even just making it your home page so you are encouraged to read no matter what, and this should be easy to stay on top of.

Look for Trending Topics

Lastly, while you are making your round through the waves of information about sex dating and funny pictures of cats, do not forget to hit up the trending topics on all the various forums and social networks you check. You will often find it very rare to already be aware of the majority of them all the time. Most of us will only have one or two things we were already reading about or discussing that makes it here, if any at all. In this way, you have a decent chance of flicking through some topic she has heard of or is otherwise in some way relevant to her life. The great thing about trending topics is that you always know that there are hordes of people around discussing or contributing to whatever the discussion is about. This guarantees not only interest but a whole lot of alternative or conflicting points of view on it that allow you to come off as much more well versed than you necessarily are, just from spending a few extra minutes on websites you already spend hours scrolling through in the first place. So make some adjustments, do you best to really work on getting your memory in shape, and the next time you go out, know you are prepared to be the most interesting man in the world for at least a couple of hours.

The Things You Do That Make You Seem Clingy

“Don’t force her to stay when she wants to go”

Taking the time to dig through reviews for known meeting women online scams proves you’re willing to put the effort in to get what you want out of dating. Unfortunately, most guys stop once all concerns of their wallet being affected are abated. When it comes to finding the right woman and appealing to her, however, there is more to research than scams and finding the right photo. In fact, what you say, write, or text often tells her more than you may think you are saying. Learning to catch yourself before you make the mistakes that send women running is just as important as making sure you won’t end up with a lighter wallet and no one on your arm.

Women are examining everything you say and do just as much as you try to discern what they mean when they talk to you. This is especially true when it comes to online dating which is fundamentally about meeting as many people as possible that meet whatever requirements you set in your search, as most of it ends up being a game of numbers. The more you meet the better chances you have of finding someone you actually want to spend your time with. There is another factor to keep in mind, however, and that is how appealing you are to the women you want to date. To that affect, knowing what turns them off and what you might be saying or doing that gives them that impression can be more helpful than just meeting as many women in Bristol as possible. There is something to be said for quality, after all.

Talking about Previous Relationships a Lot

“Don’t talk about your past relationships”

If nothing else, one clear thing to avoid when it comes to sending women running, is appearing clingy. She really isn’t going to be attracted to someone she feels like she has to take care of long term, or who won’t let her have time to herself. In fact, women tend to avoid clingy men far more often than we avoid clingy women. We are more or less brought up to expect some level of this from any woman we date. It’s not true the other way around, however, so making sure you know the signs that might be giving her that impression is essential to keeping this from ruining your chances with the woman of your dreams. It’s far more important than finding out the type of meeting women online scams that are most popular at the moment. You should stay clear of these scams and read meeting women site reviews. Choose only from the best sites for your online dating scenario.

The most common thing guys can do that make women thing we’re going to be hanging to them night and day? Talking about our previous relationships all the time. It’s one thing to mention ex-girlfriends and prior marriages when asked, or if it is actually relevant to the conversation. (Hint: if you have to ask, it’s not.) It’s another entirely to mention your other relationships – especially failed ones – multiple times in one go, or every time you meet. No matter how understanding she might seem, the odds are that someone you just met really isn’t as interested in your baggage as she might appear. The really tricky part about this is that, for the most part, she probably isn’t going to tell you to stop. In fact, she might even encourage you to talk about it, but if you have only just met this is more than likely more an indicator of her level of compassion, or at the very least politeness, than it is acceptance or a willingness to actually deal with this in any sort of long-term manner. It is better to just leave this sort of thing until later in the relationship.

Consistent Emails or Text Messages

“Too many messages can ruin your relationship”

It can be tempting, especially in the beginning of a relationship, to email or text her any time you think about her. In fact, many of us have probably had this happen in the reverse, wherein we have been constantly barraged by random notes and sudden questions at all hours of the day. If thinking about it reminds you of how irritated it made you, you’re on the right track. The thing is, while we sort of expect this from any girl we might end up with, most women really aren’t inclined to put up with this kind of behaviour to any degree. In fact, most will take it as a sign that they won’t be able to continue the life they have been leading and want out before anything can really start. Here’s the thing: we know you’re excited. We’ve been there too, and to some degree she may even find a couple of messages to be charming. Don’t overload her, though. If you find yourself always thinking about dropping her line in some way, force yourself to take a break and stem the tide a bit. Giving her some breathing room will give you a chance to salve things.

Always Trying to Make Plans

While making sure you always knows what’s going on in Bristol is a good way to keep dates lively, dealing with someone who is constantly making plans can get old quick. This goes for anything you set up with or without her input. Either you are bothering her consistently about whether or not she likes something or can make a certain date and time, or you are springing unwanted surprises on her all of the time. Both scenarios can get on a woman’s nerves really quickly. There is something to be said for spontaneity, for one thing, however the more important take away here is coming off as far more invested in her than she is in you. More than likely, this is going to make her extremely uncomfortable and uncertain about whether or not to move forward with the relationship when you are already being so suffocating to her social calendar
. If you are constantly setting dates and looking up fun events, try backing off long enough to suggest that the next time you want to do something, she could choose what and when.

Constant Petting, or Similar Physical Contact

“She is not feeling comfortable”

This is one of the most aggravating situations for most of the women we’ve talked to for any number of reasons. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that whatever time and energy we expend in looking up meeting women online scams, they spend finding ways to avoid ending up meeting the wrong guy who leaves in less than perfect physical condition after meeting up. We worry over some money or some embarrassment – they worry over their health and safety. It is really important to understand the difference here, because it completely explains why being very touchy feely from the first time you meet up can be an incredible turn off for most women. Not only are you putting off creeper vibes by not letting her have her personal space, but you may also be inadvertently signalling that you need to have that constant reassurance of physical touch. Something like that is a very big flag no matter how it is being taken, and something that will send women running almost all of the time, so learning to give them some breathing room can be a major benefit no matter the reason.

The Best Financial Apps For iPad

“What’s your favorite app”

“What’s your favorite app”

Whether you are always on the go on business trips or the usual home-to-office person, you need to get the best financial apps in your iPad. Money matters is a serious business. A missed penny may affect your financial balance sheet. If you already got a lot in mind, having an extra hand to manage your money properly will save you from mistakes like overspending or misapplications. With the best financial apps for iPad, you can easily check on your finances.

Why do you need financial apps?

Business and personal finances need a great deal of management. Often, this job takes a lot of time especially if you want to check on every single cent. You surely need it to help you with money monitoring. Here are some benefits of having financial apps in your iPad:
Prompt payments. It prompts you or your client for payment due date. This would give them no excuse to send you late checks.
Accurate calculations. App generated data sheet is not prone to human error as what you may have done on manual data sheet. The inputs are automated by the software thus, you can avoid losses and mistakes on your ledger.
Accurate allocations or budgeting. As the financial app shows your monthly money flow, it can also show you how to budget and allocate properly on multiple business that you are handling.
Forecasting. Most financial apps give you trending scales of personal financial management for the next six months. This would make you shift your finances to a more rewarding pattern.

What are the top 3 best apps for iPad?

“Decide for yourself”

“Decide for yourself”

Still cannot figure out what financial app is for you? Here is a narrowed-down list of the best of the bests:
1. Account Tracker. With a hundred percent positive reviews, this app deserve to have a version for desktop! It can perfectly summarize and graphically present your financial statement in a click. The presentation is so neat that you will not get confused even if you check it at a glance.
2. Home Budget (with Sync). This is an app that requires you to set your location, time and currency. It gives reports on currency inflation by date. It also monitors your income and expenditures in a graphical picture. It gives you money trend forecasting for the next half a year.
3. Easy Books. This is ideal for those who own many small businesses. This flexible app allows you to adjust its monitoring to a single financial statement or all your business finances at one time. It is equipped with flawless invoicing for traders of multiple items. Although, this app is not intended for big companies, but it is superb for those individuals with multiple micro-enterprises.

iPad has become a way of life. Exploring well its capability means installing the apps that fit best with the kind of lifestyle you have. Financial apps for iPad not only help you monitor your money but also, allow you to save some of your resources for financial liberty.

Back to Dating: 3 Tips for Newly Single Moms

Newly single moms often shy out of dating. The apprehension is understandable. After having been in a relationship for so long, finding yourself single again can take some getting used to. If you didn’t cultivate your set of friends during your married life, you may have to start building your network all over again.
You will also have to deal with the prejudice some men have: a single mom can mean extra baggage or an easy fling.
Needless to say, the situation is not entirely hopeless. If you are ready to take the plunge, take stock of things and prepare to find love with your kids in tow.

The kids, the ex and the emotional baggage

“The basics of emotional baggage”

“The basics of emotional baggage”

Let’s face it, just because you’re single again doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibilities. If you plan to get married again or enter into another significant relationship, your kids will always be involved.
Talk to your kids about it. Make them understand that you will always be there for them even if you can’t be together with their dad anymore. Just because you’re seeing someone doesn’t mean you love them less. Take care, however, to introduce them to someone you are getting serious and planning to get committed to. Children can be confused and disappointed when they get attached to a potential suitor and the relationship doesn’t work out.
It’s also important to see how your boyfriend will treat your children. How he behaves around them will tell you if he’s the one you’re really looking for.
Talking about the ex-husband, even if he’s a jerk, is also a big no-no on a date. It’s not fair to your date who wants to be with you. Allow him to see the good part of you. Enjoy and don’t be sidetracked with guilt. Deal with the baggage in a professional way – get therapy – and move on.

Playing the dating game

“Dive into the Dating Game”

“Dive into the Dating Game”

After you’ve settled some issues about your personal life, it’s time to join the singles market once more and look for love with your eyes wide open:

Don’t allow your new flame to sleep over.

– Get to know your partner first. You owe it to yourself. Let the relationship go on its own course. When you have kids in the house, it’s even wiser not to. Most custody agreements have these provisions in place and you could lose your kids over a one night stand. Children may also not handle the situation well and there could be a lot of awkward questions you’d rather not answer yet.

Choose a babysitter you can trust.

– Every mother should get their priorities straight: your children come first. Don’t just get a babysitter, get someone you can trust. If possible, schedule your dates when the kids are visiting their father or their grandparents. Otherwise, don’t risk the safety of your family for a passing fancy. You are bound to regret it.

Be aware of what you want.

– So you’ll know what to look for this time. Blindly rushing into the dating scene with no idea what you want is a sure fire way to get disappointed. Take it slow and wait for the man who can accept you and your responsibilities. Most men run away from commitment, and you owe it to yourself to choose one who won’t.

Power Foods to Maintain a Healthy Skin

“Foods for Healthy Skin”

“Foods for Healthy Skin”

Nowadays, there are a lot of foods that are found in the market. Some are fresh while some are preserved or canned. Our skin takes the biggest part of our body and it is the one that is visible to other people. Thus, most people, especially women, are always looking for products that protect their skin and give them a healthy and youthful look. But, according to some experts, it is not only the beauty products that would pamper your skin. It also depends on the food that you eat. So what would be the best food that you would consider adding to your diet to give you a healthy, glowing and youthful skin?
Well, according to research, these 3 power foods are considered to be the best for your skin. So why not give it a try?


“Yummy food”

“Yummy food”

Not only avocados taste yummy but they have a lot of nutritional value. It is an anti-oxidant and can lower cholesterol. Thanks to an amazing array of phytonutrients they contain including phytosterols, carotenoids, flavonoid, and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols. Alpha-linolenic acid and oleic acid are key fats provided by avocado. Avocados are a good source of bone supportive vitamin K as well as heart-healthy dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and folate. Avocados are also a good source of energy-producing vitamin B5 and muscle-healthy potassium; in fact, they are higher in potassium than a medium banana. They are also good in hydrating your skin.

“Best food to combat premature aging”

“Best food to combat premature aging”

If you want to combat premature aging, try adding tomatoes in your diet. They are not only a good source of vitamins, but they also improve skin hydration and intensify your skin cells. They also aid in producing collagen that maintains the elasticity of your skin and help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.


During the summer season, people would love to go out swimming or just strolling on beaches. The heat from the sun can damage your skin. Fortunately, salmon can still be found in the Philippines. This variety of fish is rich in omega and antioxidants that help nourish our skin. Eat salmon with its skin because that is where most of the fats and oils are found, which increase the natural radiant glow of your skin by fighting against free radicals. You can also notice that your skin feels softer, firmer, more hydrated, even-toned.
You can eat it baked, grilled, fried or broiled, and rest assured that you will enjoy its good taste. Not only this is good for your skin, but it is also good to combat premenstrual symptoms (PMS) which are usually experienced by women.
By trying to include these 3 power foods in your diet, your skin would noticeably become younger, firmer, and glow more radiantly. Much more if you combine these ingredients with a skin cleansing regimen that is really compatible with your skin.

Thinking Of Saving Money? There’s Good Luck With These Few Tips!

“Time to start saving”

“Time to start saving”

Money is the root of everything; happiness, sadness, good, evil, you name it. Everyone needs money for everyday life, some even having to bear with scarce amounts but just as long as there is something, there is a certain motivation to get through everyday life. You need money to buy food, to pay for the rent, to pay for bills, for leisure if it allows, for everything you do. Money is possibly one of the most important things we possess in our hands or in our wallets.

So it is important that we spend money wisely and not just carelessly use it for unnecessary things that you can actually live without. The best way to be able to utilize and control where your money goes is to save it. But saving money can be easier said than done, in reality a lot of people have a hard time saving money because there are just a lot of good things to buy or things they need with the help of money. If you are one of these people then you should understand the struggle of trying to save some money.
But, do not fret; here are three tips on how you can save some or a lot of your money.

“Pay yourself first”

This is probably the first and most common tip you can get from anyone or anywhere when asking for tips to save money. This means that before using your money for anything else; paying the rent, paying the bills, spending for food or what not, you should pay yourself first. You should be able to put any amount of your money in your savings; it will not really matter how much or how little as long as there is something. This will be helpful in the long run.

Start a budget

“Make a Budget and Start maintaining it”

“Make a Budget and Start maintaining it”

Starting a budget can help you regulate how much money is coming in and how much is going out. There are many sites that offer tutorials on how to start a budget or you can ask help from a friend who is good at this. Having a budget can help you assess what adjustments you should make, like if for example there is more money going out than coming in, in that case you should make a few cuts in order to make it proportionate or better yet get more money coming in than out.

a few cuts

As mentioned above, when there is more money going out than in you have to make some cuts. Asses your expenditures and eliminate anything that deems unnecessary for you to be spending your money on. Like for example ordering a slightly expensive dessert right after your meals, doing without that simple dessert can actually help you save more money.
Hopefully these tips will come across as useful in your money saving endeavors, so good luck and remember to save!

3 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Resume

“Your Resume is the reflection of your personality”

“Your Resume is the reflection of your personality”

LinkedIn is a social media that enables you to showcase what you have done, what you are into and what you are capable of doing. It is your online resume. Unlike the traditional resume, your LinkedIn resume gets to be seen by your LinkedIn friends and your friends’ friends. In short, your network grows beyond your personal connection. If you are serious about getting a job or a transaction, if you are into selling/services, you will have to make sure that your profile can be seriously considered by the hiring companies.

1. Choose your picture well

“The picture grabs the first impression”

“The picture grabs the first impression”

LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook where you can be wacky with your profile picture. As serious as it is, the picture that you should use is something that shows your best head shot until your shoulders. Put a little smile to make it welcoming but not too much. The lack of smile will also tend the prospects to think you are someone who is not easy to have a working relationship with. Never use a wacky photo or an edited one that far from your looks. Also, do not use a cartoon character or a caricature of yourself. Treat your profile as a traditional resume that you send in to the companies you apply a job for because that is typically what it is. The technical edge of LinkedIn is the vast area where your resume can land on coupled with the speed, sans the mailing or transportation cost and the leg work should you be doing it the traditional way.

2. Be truthfully meaty brief

The content of your resume should be the most important information that your prospects should be able to benefit from. If your target application has something to do with clerical work, typing speed is something they would want information about and not your knitting skills. Remember to include your target. That way, when you get it, you will be happy working that your job no longer will be considered work. If you discover that no one is looking for you then you can edit it to give some leeway. Do not make it too long to read especially if you are just playing with words especially if the job you are applying for has nothing to do with words like a writer or editor. Be truthful always. Do not stretch the truth to mean you know more than what you really are capable of doing.

3. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation

“Errors in resume show that you're not a Professional”

“Errors in resume show that you’re not a Professional”

Even if you are not a grammar or punctuation police, make sure that your resume is free from such errors. Have someone else check it for you. Have another proofread your resume. Spelling, grammar and punctuation may have nothing to do with the job you are applying for but if your resume is filled with such errors; your prospects will tend to stop reading further especially if he/she is one who is concerned with such errors. Do not lose that chance early on.
LinkedIn is a powerful tool that lets other people in your network knows what you are offering. It should be used professionally; hence, your content should also be professionally presented.